Looking for the best day tour from Marrakech?
Whether you are coming to Marrakech for a week or a few day’s vacations you should always choose the best day trips from Marrakech and experiences like the Ait Ben haddou day trip, Essaouira tour, Agafay desert trip, Ourika valley excursion, Hot air Balloon, three valleys and Ouzzoud Waterfalls day trip, etc.

Discover the Best of Morocco on These Day Trips From Marrakech

Great Desert Tours will help you to make the most of your time as there are countless things to do and see in Marrakech. Our wide variety of Marrakech desert tours and day trips will take you to explore all the beautiful and unique destinations of Morocco.

A Day Trip to Casablanca from Marrakech

After breakfast, our driver will swing by to pick you up from your Riad/hotel in Marrakech at 8:30 am, we will head north on the highway to the economic capital city of Morocco Casablanca.

Upon our arrival, you will visit the Mosque of Hassan II and Rick’s Cafe. This building is considered one of the largest religious buildings on the globe and opens for non-Muslims, dressed accordingly.

After visiting the mosque, you will have lunch in Corniche and then head to the Old Medina. You will be taken to the new part of Casa called Ville Nouvelle. Here you will experience Place Mohammed V where you will see the architecture of the French with Moorish designs complementing it beautifully. In Place des Uniones, you can enjoy the monumental fountain that plays music.

You will then visit the Morocco Mall shopping Center and nearby beach and residential blocks that are famous in this city: Asayag, Bessonneau, and Glaoui. You can also go to Avenue de Forces Royal. This is a commercial area that will lead you to the old medina. You will see there the artisans, jewelers, and barbers. You will then visit a shrine nearby where the tomb of Sidi Allal el-Kairounuant is contained.

The next stop will be Art Deco Hotels. There are the popular clock towers, the apartment block of the Eleven Story of Moretti, the high-rise art deco buildings, and Art deco Hotels. You will be dropped off at your hotel by our guide in Marrakech that evening.

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Moroccan Bliss: A Day Trip to Essaouira

After breakfast, our driver will drop by to pick you up at 9:00 am. We will travel towards a charming and vibrant port and resort town on the Atlantic Ocean. 

On the way, you will stop to see the world-famous Argan tree while goats are on the top climbing trees (Goats in Argan trees – you need to see it to believe it. It’s well worth a visit. You can always ask our driver to stop for you if you want to buy pure Argan oil and take some good photos.
Essaouira is an Old Portuguese city of Mogador. It was fortified by a French architect Vauban follower. These influences have given a beautiful and unique result. The medina is a UNESCO site since it is a great example of a late 18th-century fortified town. 

The fortress walls are built right at the edge of the sea, on top of the rock formations, and border the entire medina all the way inland. The view of the medina from Skala du Port is beautiful and very dynamic thanks to the thousands of seagulls flying all over the place. Today, the city is gradually becoming a city of artists. 

Essaouira has a very favorable microclimate that ensures a mild winter and cool summer. Not to mention also, a beautiful beach protected by islands Purpuraires. Artisans of Essaouira are famous for inlay on root growth cedar and offer a wide range of items from souvenir to parts of furniture and works of art. 

In the evening, you will return to Marrakech. Drop off at your accommodation.

A Day Trip to the Breathtaking Ouzoud Waterfalls from Marrakech

Your driver will pick you up from your accommodation at 8 am and start your Marrakech day trip to the beautiful Ouzoud Waterfalls. The drive is about 2 and a half hours with a possible 15-minute stop to empty the tanks and take a good coffee to fully wake up. Your knowledgeable driver will keep you entertained with local anecdotes, and stories about the areas you’re passing through and Morocco’s culture and customs in general.

This day trip will give you the opportunity to soak in the beauty of nature in Ouzoud Waterfalls, take an adventurous hike through Olive groves to the source of the waterfall or take a swim and cool off at the base of the waterfalls.

Ouzoud or Izid in some regions means “the act of grinding grain” in Berber. This seems to be confirmed by the frequent mills in the region that were used to grind the wheat for decades.

You arrive at the falls by passing through the tiny village of Ouzoud, continue past the many souvenir stalls, and start climbing down the stairs past the many cafes. Right before starting on the stairs, you will have had your first view of the waterfalls, and they will look heavenly. There is another route to get to the base of the waterfalls, more fun but a little bit more challenging, if you are in good shape and have good boots on, definitely take it, incredible views and more monkey encounters. Not only does it give the best views of the waterfalls and good opportunities for swimming, and it is also a place to rest. There are small boats that can take you on a tour. These boats serve little practical use since it is easy to walk over to the other side. But they are there for the purpose of charm.

This is also the home of the famous macaque monkeys, the naturally tailless monkeys that you find performing in the main square in Marrakech. It is delightful to see them roaming free in their native habitat. There are several lunchtime restaurants (not included) all of which have spectacular views.

Discover the Ourika Valley in Just One Day

Departure from your hotel at 9:30 am. A beautiful drive of 60km takes you to the foot of the Atlas Mountains at about 1,000m altitude. Discover and explore the small villages, cafes, grocery shops, and small hotels clinging to the sides of the mountains, terraced agriculture, and clear fresh water from the Ourika River. It is possible to visit a Berber house to experience their lifestyle, the simplicity of equipment, and the privacy of a Berber family. If so, you will assist in the preparation of mint tea and exchange cultures with the family. This valley is one of the richest valleys in Morocco with plenty of water, green trees and flowers, blooming bushes, and magnificent waterfalls.

After lunch here, you have the option to take 2 hours hiking. You will walk through the Berber village of Setti Fatma, and within the fields where you may well see monkeys in the wild, and experience great views of the waterfall.

Afterward, you will head back to Marrakech where the Tour ends at your accommodation.

After lunch here, you have the option to take 2 hours hiking. You will walk through the Berber village of Setti Fatma, and within the fields where you may well see monkeys in the wild, and experience great views of the waterfall. 

Afterwards, you will head back to Marrakech where the Tour ends at your accommodation.