Best Sahara Desert Tours: Private Morocco, Atlas & Cultural Trips From Marrakech 2023/2024

Looking for the Best Morocco desert tour agency? Great desert tours offer fantastic desert trips from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert.

Our tour agency has been designed professionally to meet the expectations of our lovely guests with whom we want to share the love of Morocco with the most affordable prices and the finest service.

Besides our traditional and historical sites, we can offer a distinctive selection of different Atlas desert tours through the magical Erg Chebbi, Erg Chegaga dunes, and the captivating landscapes found in the vast Sahara of Morocco.

Since Morocco is a land of mystery and enchantment, our Cultural and Sahara desert tours will take you on an adventure that you will never forget. Our tours are not your average cookie-cutter vacation, we tailor each tour to fit the needs and interests of our clients.

Whether you want to explore and have day trips from Marrakech or experience the majesty of the most famous Sahara Desert destinations, we can create a tour that is perfect for you. If you have ever dreamed of visiting Morocco, now is the time to make those dreams a reality.

Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable adventure.

Embark on a Saharan Sojourn: Morocco Desert Tours

Unlike any other classical tours, through the different Morocco Tour packages you will have a wonderful opportunity to explore the natural hidden treasures of Morocco.

Reveal the mysteries at the vast Erg Chebbi desert dunes in Merzouga, Dades Gorge, and Oasis, High Atlas Mountains, Rose Valley, imperial cities of Marrakech to Fes, the blue city of Chefchaouen, and many more.

You will travel to the best–known monumental attractions in UNESCO world heritage sites of Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou, Kasbah Telouate, Volubilis, Tinmel Mosque, Medina of Fez, Medina of Marrakech to cover most of Morocco’s sites.

Along with your private guide, you will have the flexibility to customize your tour itinerary according to any specific interest. Moreover, you will also have the choice to add extra nights to your tour in any of the cities you wish or visit additional sites.

A professional English-speaking guide and driver will accompany you. On this tour, you will visit 7 Moroccan cities and experience the best of Morocco.

We can arrange your airport pick up and drop off, private car and driver in Morocco, and any reservations that you may need for hotels or train tickets, etc.

So discover Morocco with the comprehensive tour offerings by our travel company. Explore the rich history and culture of Fes, the vibrant energy of Marrakech, the coastal charm of Tangier, and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Casablanca.

Whether you’re interested in city sightseeing or desert adventures, we have a Morocco desert trip that fits your needs and interests.

Choose from our private Morocco desert tour options and experience the culture and rich history of Morocco with your spouse, friends, and family.

Moreover, learn the different things to do while visiting the top places in Morocco:

So get ready for your Sahara desert trip in Morocco now!

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    Top Morocco Desert Tour: Marrakech Desert Trip and Excursion

    Great Desert Tours is all about introducing our guests to the beauty and tranquility of the Sahara desert experience with camel rides and also enjoying the culture of Morocco, while also making time for historical sightseeing elsewhere in our best Marrakech Desert Tour.

    The Sahara Atlas desert is a magical place. It is not just about endless dunes and sandy plains, but it is also about the local Berber culture and the experience of riding camels in a desert camp with a traditional Berber meal.

    It is truly a fantastic adventure! If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, then a desert family tour service in Morocco is available for you.

    On these adventurous desert tours, you will visit places still inhabited by a few Jewish families who are still living there, wander through the Chellah in Rabat, tour the Mellah in Casablanca, visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, and much more.

    Similarly, our Morocco Jewish heritage tours will be an opportunity to discover how Morocco preserves its Judeo-Moroccan cultural rich heritage.

    With your official local tour guide, you will discover the historical sites, and the best tourist attractions in Fes, Ouarzazate, Marrakech, Zagora, Essaouira, El Jadida, and more.

    Moreover, you will visit the synagogues and places of worship, Kosher food restaurants, Mellahs (old Jewish neighborhoods) as well as the cultural and artisanal heritage transmitted from generation to generation in these cities.

    top Morocco destinations

    Ait Benhaddou
    Ait Benhaddou
    Erg Chebbi
    Erg Chebbi

    Top Destinations for Desert Tours from Marrakech: Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga

    There are two main desert regions frequently visited on tours from Marrakech. Each offers dramatically different scenery and experiences. Here’s an overview of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga:

    Erg Chebbi

    Erg Chebbi encompasses an area of monumental sand dunes near the frontier town of Merzouga. This is the most popular and accessible part of the Sahara. The Erg Chebbi dunes rise up to 150 meters offering incredible views.

    Camel trekking, sandboarding, quad biking, and overnight camping trips are popular activities. Erg Chebbi can be reached in 1 long day from Marrakech, or 2 days at a more relaxed pace.

    From here, you can visit the Tafilalt Oasis, with its Palmerie and important date harvest. The historic kasbahs around Merzouga and Rissani provide a glimpse into traditional Moroccan architecture and medieval history.

    Overall, Erg Chebbi is the best choice for first-time desert visitors. The dunes are easily accessible and activities are plentiful.

    Erg Chigaga

    Deep in southern Morocco lies Erg Chigaga, the most remote and pristine stretch of Saharan sand dunes.

    This is approximately a 2-day journey from Marrakech through the Draa Valley, past Zagora, and beyond M’hamid. The scenery becomes more desert-like and isolated the further south you go.

    At Erg Chigaga, 300-meter high dunes tower above the desert floor. Because of the remoteness, you’ll find more serenity and untamed wilderness here. Camel trekking and camping under the stars are the main activities.

    The lack of light pollution makes Erg Chigaga ideal for stargazing. This more adventurous option offers a feeling of being deep in the Sahara.

    How to Take a Sahara Desert Tour in Morocco - The Right Way!

    Visiting the Sahara Desert should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Guided tours are hands-down the best way to explore this region safely while getting an authentic experience.

    Here are the top reasons a desert tour is essential for understanding Morocco:

    Venture Deep Into the Sahara

    On a tour, you can reach remote sections of the desert not accessible otherwise. The two main areas are Erg Chebbi near Merzouga and Erg Chigaga south of M’hamid.

    You need 4×4 vehicles and expert guides to reach the towering sand dunes here. Attempting the journey solo is not advisable.

    Learn About Berber Culture

    In the Sahara region, you’ll discover a different side of Morocco staying in Berber villages, meeting nomadic families, and learning about their ancient customs. A guide provides insight into the Berber way of life.

    See the Desert Stars

    At night in the Sahara, the stargazing is phenomenal. Far from city lights, the Milky Way illuminates the pitch-black sky. Our knowledgeable guides will point out constellations and share astronomy info.

    Camel Trekking

    Riding a camel across the desert is an iconic Sahara experience. On a tour, you’ll trek deep into the dunes on camelback during unforgettable overnight camping trips.

    Safety and Convenience

    The desert environment can be unpredictable and harsh. With an organized tour, you travel in capable hands with experienced drivers and guides.

    Fascinating History and Culture

    While in the Sahara region, you’ll visit historic ksours, kasbahs, oases, and towns rich in cultural sights. A guide will explain the significance of these places and share stories about Berber history that you’d otherwise miss.

    Professional Drivers

    Navigating the remote pistes of the desert requires expertise. On a tour, drivers intimately know the routes, ensuring you reach campsites safely. Driving yourself is extremely challenging.

    For all these reasons, a guided tour is the smartest way to explore the magic of the Sahara. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of this captivating region while avoiding the hassles of organizing transport, accommodation, food, and activities yourself.

    How to Choose Morocco Desert Trip?

    With so many options for Morocco desert tours, it can be tough to decide which is best for you. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing your Sahara desert trip:

    • Route – Desert tours can start from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, or Tangier. The route you take will determine what desert areas and sights you’ll get to experience. Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga are two of the most popular desert regions.
    • Duration – Tours range from quick 1-day options to short 2-3 days, or more immersive 1-2 week adventures. The longer you can spend, the deeper you’ll go into the desert landscapes.
    • Mode of Transport – How you’ll get around the desert depends on the tour. Use 4×4 vehicles for parts and camels for riding through the dunes. Some areas also incorporate walking.
    • Accommodation – The desert camp where you overnight can greatly impact your experience. Choose between basic nomad tents to luxury desert camps for comfort under the stars.
    • Group vs Private Tour – Going with a group can be more cost-effective but limits flexibility. Our Morocco private desert tours allow you to fully customize your itinerary.
    • Inclusions – Tours vary quite a bit in what they include, from meals to camel rides. Check what’s covered so you know what to budget extra for.
    • Time of Year – Morocco’s desert climate swings from very hot to surprisingly cold. The best window is usually March to May or September to November.

    No matter what type of desert tour you choose, the chance to spend time in the Sahara is certain to be a memorable adventure!

    Helpful Tips for Your Morocco Sahara Desert Tour

    To make sure your Morocco Sahara desert adventure meets all your expectations, keep these tips in mind:

    • Pack light and bring essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, warm layers, flashlight, towel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, camera, and medication.
    • Hydrate well and avoid alcohol to prevent dehydration in the desert heat.
    • Respect the culture by dressing conservatively and asking before photographing people.
    • Tip your guides if they provide exceptional service. 10-20 euros per traveler per day is typical. Check tipping guide for more details.
    • Get sand-ready by packing closed-toe shoes and clothing that covers your body for camel riding.
    • Capture memories by bringing extra camera batteries and memory cards.
    • Capture incredible photos but avoid pulling out your phone or camera during camel rides. Hold on tight instead!
    • Book early, especially if traveling in peak season. The best camps fill up.
    • Try to learn some conversational Moroccan Arabic phrases. You’ll make local connections.
    • Bonus tip: If time allows, spend extra nights in the desert. The longer you stay, the deeper the experience.

    With the right tour operator like our Great Desert Tours and packing smart, you’ll get the best desert experience in Morocco surpassing your expectations.

    You’ll come away with memories and photography to last a lifetime!

    Explore More of Morocco After Your Desert Trip

    A Sahara tour from Marrakech makes for a fantastic start or end point to a longer Morocco itinerary. Many travelers spend a few days on either side exploring Marrakech and other imperial cities.

    Here are the top places near the Marrakech desert to consider adding on:

    • Marrakech – Spend several days diving into Marrakech’s captivating souks, gardens, architecture, and street life. No visit to Morocco is complete without time here. Check the Marrakech travel guide for more information.
    • Casablanca – This bustling port city features the colossal Hassan II Mosque, Morocco’s largest mosque open to non-Muslims.
    • Fes – Morocco’s cultural capital entices with medieval tanneries, labyrinthine alleys, and its famous Fes el Bali walled medina, the world’s largest urban pedestrian zone. Check the Fez travel guide for more details.
    • Chefchaouen – The picturesque “Blue City” of Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains will dazzle you with its colorful painted medina.
    • Essaouira – On Morocco’s Atlantic coast, relax on Essaouira’s beaches, ride camels on the sand, or wander the charming blue and white port.

    With a perfect Sahara tour under your belt, take time to lose yourself in Morocco’s other imperial cities and landscapes. Being your professional tour operator, let us make suggestions for crafting your personalized Moroccan journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting the Sahara Desert in Morocco

    Planning your own Morocco Sahara desert adventure for the first time? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

    How far is the Sahara desert from Marrakech?

    The distance between Marrakech and the two main desert areas of Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga is around 237 miles (381 km) and 160 miles (257 km). Most tours take 10-15 hours including stops. Private tours drive directly.

    Moreover, 561 kilometers of highway N12 or 552 kilometers via route N10 – that’s how far the legendary Sahara Desert drifts from the old city walls of Marrakech.

    What should I wear in the Sahara desert?

    Light, loose long pants and shirts during the day will protect against heat and sun exposure in the desert of Morocco. At night in the desert camps, warm layers including hats, fleece, scarves, and jackets are recommended.

    What is the best time of year to visit the Sahara desert in Morocco?

    Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to October) offer ideal weather. The summer months can be brutally hot while winter here sees cold nights and potential rains.

    Is it safe to visit the Sahara desert in Morocco?

    Yes, a guided tour of the Moroccan Sahara is generally very safe for tourists. You can relax knowing this region is extremely peaceful and stable.

    While it’s always wise to take basic precautions when traveling, you can feel at ease knowing that tours take place in areas that are well-protected and have been safely visited by tourists for many years.

    How cold does the Sahara desert get at night?

    Due to the lack of moisture and altitude, Saharan nights can dip below freezing from December to February. Even in spring and fall, the temperature plummets after sunset up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius) so warm layers are essential.

    Discover Morocco's Sahara Desert with Great Desert Tours!

    As you can see, a journey to Morocco’s seas of sand is an epic adventure. With so many tour options, the hardest part is choosing the best desert tour specifically for you!

    For a long time, Great Desert Tours has provided excellent Sahara excursions from Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier. Our selection of private and small group tours offers unforgettable experiences suitable for all travelers.

    We take care of every detail so you can simply relax and immerse yourself in the magic of Morocco’s landscapes.

    Contact us today to start planning your custom Moroccan desert tour! Our local experts will be delighted to help craft your perfect Sahara adventure.

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    Marisa Mckimm

    3 Days Tour from Marrakech to Fes: In the Heart of the Sahara

    I took the three day desert tour with Taoufiq and was blown away by the beauty of the people just as much as the place. Taoufiq’s smile and generosity with attention and care surpasses any experience I’ve ever had on a guided tour before. The camel ride was a dream come true and then the night under the stars with the beating of the drums soothed my soul. I’m so glad I had this experience and even more grateful I chose Great Desert Tours. They are top notch in hospitality and sharing their world with others. Shuqran bzaaaaf!!

    lynn Blas

    4 Days Morocco tour from Tangier

    I have nothing but good things to say about great dessert tour,Our guide was very informative polite and funny too.They are phenomenal and good singers they made the trip so enjoyable. The day was very relaxed and I never felt rushed to move on the next activity which was a relief for me. I would highly recommend taking this tour and thank you for the fantastic experience we had.

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